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Medical Marijuana

Marijuana is an herb with medicinal properties.

Chinese herbal medicine uses a combination of herbs and in some cases, non-herbal components to develop treatments that target your medical condition, tailored to your body’s constitution, bringing balance to the organ systems and their function. Both medical marijuana and traditional Chinese medicine are examples of herbal medicine.


Green Dragon is also a lifestyle based on the premise that nature provides the best medicine. Modern medicine is usually the first option, but does not have all the answers, and sometimes comes up short. 

Use of medical marijuana signals that modern medicine has not offered sufficient relief of your symptoms. Along with use of medical marijuana comes some restrictions that on the whole, people who take the Medical Marijuana Card believe is the right choice for them. 

  1. You may get fired from your job at your employer's discretion if you fail a drug test.

  2. You can’t legally own/possess a firearm if you have a medical marijuana card. You can’t legally obtain a medical marijuana card if you own/possess a firearm

  3. You can’t hold a CDL.

  4. You can’t work for the Federal government or be a Federal contractor.

  5. Driving while consuming cannabis is prohibited.

  6. Public consumption of medical marijuana is prohibited.

Please be aware that Green Dragon Herbal Medicine will provide you with an evaluation for Medical Marijuana, but does not provide Medical Marijuana directly. If you are determined to have a qualifying medical condition and receive a Medical Marijuana card, you will activate the card and proceed to a dispensary to purchase Medical Marijuana from the dispensary.

Green Dragon Herbal Medicine is not affiliated with any dispensary.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese Herbal Medicine harnesses timeless wisdom from thousands of years of experience in the healing arts.

Chinese medicine takes a systems-approach to health where imbalances, blockages, excesses, deficiencies, constitution, and environmental exposures can affect health. Sometimes a system needs to be stimulated and at other times needs to be reduced. A comprehensive Chinese Medical Evaluation including history, physical exam and formulation, can determine which system is involved, and whether you are in deficiency or excess. Treatments are often developed as combinations of herbs to restore balance to the body. 

Nutritional Psychiatry

Based on the premise that what you eat affects your mind, both emotionally and cognitively. 

The foods you eat can improve mood, reduce anxiety, and enhance concentration and brain health. A nutritional psychiatry appointment will start with a medical and psychiatric evaluation of symptoms and conditions, check your height, weight and BMI, and develop a nutritional plain tailored to your mental health and cognitive needs. If you are feeling forgetful, experiencing brain fog, or experiencing mild cognitive symptoms, or want to keep yourself from developing them, the foods you eat can influence your cognitive health. If you are suffering from Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, OCD, ADHD, cognitive impairment, or stress, eating the right foods and avoiding others can be a key part of the success of your treatment. In most cases, these nutritional recommendations can result in weight loss, improvements in cardiovascular health, cholesterol, glycemic control, and sexual function.


Lifestyle and Behaviors play a significant role in our wellbeing and longevity.

From the foods we eat to whether or how much we exercise, to work-life balance and how we handle stress, to how much we sleep at night, to how we calm our minds, to how we connect with others, each has a role to play in our wellbeing. Meet for a Lifestyle Review, to determine which high-value steps you can take to improve your health and wellbeing. Use the Lifestyle Review as an opportunity to learn the determinants of health, how they interact, and how to use them to optimize your health. If you want to learn the keys to longevity or restore work-life balance, a Lifestyle Medicine appointment is for you. 

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