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What is Green Dragon?

Green Dragon Herbal Medicine offers herbal remedies for medical conditions.

And, yes, that includes Medical Marijuana. Serving Greater Cleveland, and really all of Ohio.  Appointments are available in-office or virtually, with home visits available to Cuyahoga and Lake County by request. Look for the green dragon sign in the window.


At Green Dragon Herbal Medicine, you can get your Medical Marijuana Card same-day, following an initial evaluation and Documentation of qualifying medical conditions. Think you have PTSD or Dementia and want to get evaluated? Here at Green Dragon, your diagnosis of PTSD or Dementia can be diagnosed by the history you provide and meeting clinical criteria that establish the diagnosis. Please take note, if it is found you do not meet criteria for a qualifying condition, you will NOT receive a Medical Marijuana Card, as Green Dragon is not a “Rubber Stamp” clinic. If you do not qualify for a Medical Marijuana Card, you will, however, receive a partial refund for your visit. 

What Makes Green Dragon different?

Green Dragon offers you discreet care. You may want treatment with Medical Marijuana because it will benefit your medical condition, but you may not want other people knowing about it. At Green Dragon, we treat people through Medical Marijuana Certification, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Nutritional Psychiatry, and Lifestyle Medicine, so people will not know what you are getting treated for unless you tell them. 

Green Dragon offers a legit herbal lifestyle.

What does that mean?

Medical Marijuana is legal in Ohio for qualifying medical conditions. To get Medical Marijuana in Ohio, you need to bring a Medical Marijuana Card to a Ohio dispensary. To get a Medical Marijuana Card in Ohio, you need to establish care with a physician with an Ohio medical license who has successfully completed an educational program about Medical Marijuana, and who has been certified by the State of Ohio to recommend medical marijuana to patients. Dr. Jeffery Turell, MD, MDH, founder and director of Green Dragon Herbal Medicine is one of the physicians in Ohio and the only physician in Shaker Heights credentialed to make a medical marijuana recommendation to patients, the basis for which a patient can receive a Medical Marijuana Card in Ohio. For additional information on Ohio's medical marijuana program, please visit, or call 1-833-4OH-MMCP

So, how come the name Green Dragon?

Well, the green dragon is the dragon of nature, whose breath can contain toxins or healthy properties. Similarly, most herbal remedies have a therapeutic range and a toxic potential. This is true with regards to marijuana, Chinese herbal medicine, and other natural remedies. Dr. Turell also happens to be a fan of dragons, the color green, green tea, Green Day, Kung Fu Panda, and the game Dungeon and Dragons growing up. Regardless of the service you choose, Dr. Turell will spend his time with you and cover keys to healthy living.

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